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The Traitors Review

If you love psychology, if you love secrets and lies and manipulation in reality TV then this is a show for you. This show is addictive and is one that I absolutely adore and highly recommend to anyone who enjoys seeing how far people will go to win an amazing amount of money.

Spoilers ahead.

The Traitors is a British TV show where a group of people enter a castle in Scotland and a few of them are picked to be traitors, while the rest are faithfuls. These traitors are trying to win money like everyone else in the show, however if they are able to see it through to the end of the show they can steal every single penny out of that prize pot from the fellow contestants. Each night the traitors meet up in secret to decide who they will kill that night, and each day all members of the show meet at the round table to decide one person to be banished and lose their chance at winning the money. Faithfuls of course are trying to find traitors during this round table to make the chances of them being able to keep the money at the end greater, but as we see it’s hard to distinguish the faithfuls from the traitors, especially when everyone has the same goal in mind.

In the show we get to see from the outset who the traitors are, there are no secrets to the audience watching and so to see the faithfuls speaking so candidly and open about who they think the traitors are, when they are totally off the mark is very hilarious and really makes for some great TV when you know the secret all along with the traitors and can see how well they are doing at manipulating everyone else.

But for me there were two people that stood out brilliantly in the show, one being Kieran and one being Maddy. Maddy was incredible because she was so ditsy, whether she was playing a character or whether that is just her true personality I don’t care because it made for great TV, especially when early on she figured out who one of the traitors was but did it in such a roundabout way that meant that no one else believed her and this particular traitor was able to almost make it all the way to the end, that was until Kieran entered onto the scene. A brilliant joker card that no one saw coming, a man so cunning and so tactical that he was willing to ruin his chances of winning just to stop the traitors winning themselves, who was willing to watch the world burn and burn along with it and it really helped add another element to the show. Before this it was all quite cut and dry, the traitors couldn’t be found and it seemed like they were definitely going to win all this money, yet in comes Kieran this incredible character, this man who has caused so much controversy for what he did and it was brilliant. I absolutely applaud Kieran and I just love what he did and how he was able to make this show so much better and so much more exciting.

I absolutely adore this show, yes the money making tasks were a bit underwhelming but of course they’re going to be when the psychological side of things is so strong, but you need that time to allow the contestants to de-stress from their situation and they also need a way to make the money too. It was fun to see who really stepped up to the task and who shied away and didn’t seem to be a team player. I can’t wait for another season of this show to come out, it’s thoroughly addictive, super exciting and definitely a gameshow I imagine a lot of people would love to go on because of how fun it is to delve into people’s psyche and see who was born to be a detective and who is just delusional.

What do you think of The Traitors?

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