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14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible Review

Whenever a new year rolls around there’s always such a huge sense of motivation and accomplishment and wanting more out of life, so I always seek out these sorts of documentaries because they are so inspiring and really help give you that extra push to do amazing things in your own life and take their wisdom and drive with you.

The 14 Peaks are the 14 highest mountains over 8000m in the world. a Nepali man called Nirmal Purja sets out to climb every single one of these 14 Peaks in 7 months, a feat that has never been done in this timeframe and the last person to climb the 14 Peaks back in the 70s did it over many years.

Nirmal steps out with his team to conquer every single one of these mountains and thanks to their documentary we can join him from the comfort of our own home and see the feat that he goes to, to complete this mission. It’s fascinating to watch because Nirmal is just a man with a dream, he’s not super rich or famous or has a lot of backing in his journey, in fact he has to remortgage his house to be able to get the money to pay for the excursion but he does it because he knows it’s something he wants to achieve and he is willing to put everything on the line to do just that. It’s lovely to see a normal person do something awe inspiring and incredible because it shows that anyone can do it with enough guts and determination, and of course you have to have some understanding of what you’re doing and the levels you are going to have to get to to be able to do it, but if you have that driving determination you can.

Throughout the documentary we get to understand his family dynamics including his wife who is incredibly supportive of him as well as his parents, especially his mother who is in ill health. It’s so wonderful to see this family be so connected and loving to one another even if they do have underlying fears and concerns about what he is doing, this is of course a very terrifying feat, it is a journey that takes a lot of skill and determination but shows that if you have that you can do it too.

If you’re looking at the New Year thinking I need that extra boost, I need that extra push to be able to achieve my dreams and go after my goals then this is a brilliant documentary to start off with. It really gives you that motivation to do exactly that, you don’t need millions of pounds or or a huge backing system to be able to do it, you just need that determination and drive within yourself to see it through and to know that you can do it. It’s a belief system really more than anything and it’s so inspirational to see someone say ‘I’m going to do this’ and others say ‘they’ll never do it’ then actually achieve it, and I’m so thankful for this documentary on Netflix because if it wasn’t for the documentary I think many fewer people would have heard about this excursion and that would have been such a shame.

If you want to start something completely new and different and out of your comfort zone then give this a go and see where dermination and drive can take you too.

What do you think of 14 Peaks?

Until next time.

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