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Prince Andrew: The Musical Review

Excitement for this musical was incredible, everyone was so excited for it and it seemed it hit everyone’s expectations because all I saw online about it was praise and admiration, but I personally had a different view and felt that while it was very clever it wasn’t all all it’s cracked up to be.

Prince Andrew: The Musical looks at the the most famous Prince and not for good reasons, from his early beginnings to who he is now, and puts it all together in a 90-minute musical that is very tongue-in-cheek and very British. We see him go from the Nation’s favourite bachelor to his divorce with Sarah and even him meeting the fateful Jeffrey and all that came with that, it was a very interesting musical to go through every part of his life very quickly and gave you more details than just the darkness that we know him for today.

The production was fantastic, the musical elements were brilliant, it had the perfect campiness of standard West End musicals but felt very well written and interesting. The puns were brilliant, the play on words were fantastic, and you really have to commend the writer’s for the songs in this because they were so intricate and well produced.


I did feel that this was quite low hanging fruit and what you would expect from Channel 4, yes it was very clever in its word play but it touched on things that were very easy to critique and make fun of and it just felt a bit simple. It was one of those shows that you could watch during the Christmas break where you don’t want anything too intellectual or deep and just want something to enjoy while you suffer through the migraine of too much chocolate and cheese. It was enjoyable to a point but it was quite simplistic and I do feel that it appealed to the masses in a way that made everything very easy to digest without being too memorable.

I did enjoy this musical, I think it was very well produced and very well done but there was a sour taste in my mouth that I didn’t enjoy. Maybe it’s the fact that such a revered family are now seen as a laughing stock because of everything that’s happened with Andrew, plus Harry and Meghan, or maybe it’s just the fact that it came at a weird time where everything in life is doom and gloom and so trying to even grasp at that bit of lighthearted fun was just too hard to do. It angers you because you think why do these people deserve the power and status they’re in when they can be such horrible human beings, and why is that allowed to stand? Why is it that all us normal people can do is sit around and laugh at the absurdity while he is walking about with no repercussions of what he did, when he’s affected and changed so many people’s lives? It’s a hard pill to swallow and yes you either laugh or cry but it definitely left me feeling more depressed about the situation than positive.

What do you think of Prince Andrew: The Musical?

Until next time.

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