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FBoy Island Review

Who doesn’t love an easy to watch reality show? When I saw this on the BBC, which was very odd because it’s definitely not a BBC reality show, it piqued my interest being something new and different and very psychological.

FBoy Island follows a bunch of boys who go to an island and half are self proclaimed good guys and half are fboys, these boys are fighting for the attention of 3 women and at the end if the women choose a good guy they get to share a $100,000 between themselves and the man of choice, whereas if they choose an fboy there is a chance that, that boy will steal all $100,000 of the winning money and leave the girl in the dust. It’s a very simple idea but the way that it is presented is very fun especially as sometimes you know who the good and bad guys are but other times they can surprise you.

Throughout the show we see the women trying to work out who the boys are as well as ourselves in the audience doing the exact same, and every time a boy is eliminated from the island we get to find out whether they were a good guy or whether they were an fboy. Some of them are very obvious and are happy to call out what they are and who they are while others are a bit more of a mystery that could even swindle and confuse the most intelligent of women just because of their charm and manipulation. I especially enjoyed watching certain men going through this process and even though they started out as one side of the team slowly changed and became more like the other side due to what was happening to them in the show, and how they are being influenced by the people around them too.

While this show is great for some easy viewing and there is a season 2 on the BBC currently it is not a show that I will continue to watch. There was a very interesting twist at the end of the show which I don’t know how they would continue that on into season 2 and because the format is very similar throughout the show I don’t expect there to be anything too exciting for it to reel me in to continue to watch and enjoy. Yes it’s good as a stand-alone but I think now that it’s all said and done that is all that it will be for me and I’m happy to move on to more intellectual shows that actually challenge me a bit more and don’t just scratch that psychological itch I have from finding out who the good guys and bad guys are.

But as an easy watch it’s fantastic. The drama is there, the snakes are in the grass and you’re constantly second guessing who you think is who. It’s definitely a game of psychological warfare and it’s very fascinating to watch it and see what manipulation tactics these boys do have and how easily women can be swindled by them and be taken over.

What do you think of FBoy Island?

Until next time.

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