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The Good Place Season 2 Review

After the first season ended I was really intrigued to see where it was going to go, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed.

Now that we and the characters know that the good place is actually the bad place we get to see the architect of the good place go back again to make his plan really work. However this means he has to re-active the plan over 800 times (because it keeps failing) while keeping it hidden from other Demons and not letting the four main characters know that they are actually in the bad place.

It’s a very interesting season and looks at the back side of everything going on. In the first season you’re as clueless as the main characters and then in the second you know more than the main characters do, you start to see them work things out and do things and change things and it’s really interesting and definitely shows you how much free will you have in your life, but also how everything seems to be designed for you and so the choices you make really don’t have that much of an impact in the end anyway.

I love finding out more about the architect and Janet and the other Demons that were in the simulation. I loved how we got to see how everything was bought together and how we saw the cogs turning and working to make this situation work, which clearly it didn’t seem to, and it’s quite sweet how we slowly saw the architect care more for these humans and wanting them to be able to get into the good place in the end and coming to this huge decision which let’s him send them back to earth and not let them die in the first place (so excited to explore this more in season 3!).

We also get to meet a new character in the form of the judge which I think was a really interesting being, not only was the character and the actress very funny, but they also brought a lot of grounding to the situation too and showed you how much power the afterlife really has. I think regardless of how funny or over the top it’s supposed to be it still has a lot of deep meaningful moments to it that really do make you question your own life, your own point system, and whether you can do anything to make yourself better, maybe not for an afterlife but just for your sake of life in general.

I’m really intrigued to see where season three goes with this new storyline of the characters being alive again. It’s something that we haven’t experienced, and to be contained to this one neighbourhood in the good place to suddenly be back on earth is such a game changer that I’m really excited to see what they do with it and how they’re going to pull it off too.

What do you think of season two?

Until next time.

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