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Escape Room Review

Does anyone else find realistic horror that incorporates things that we do in our everyday lives so much scarier then really out there horror that wouldn’t affect us in the real world?

We all know how escape rooms work, a bunch of people – usually people you know – go into either one or several rooms that are filled with clues and puzzles that you have to work out in order to escape. If you escape you get to have all the gloating glory and if you don’t then you get to feel like a bit of a idiot, but this game is different, this game involves strangers all with one thing in common and a possible prize of $10,000.

This movie was shot incredibly well. It looked gorgeous! There was one scene where everything was upside down so all the chairs and tables were on the ceiling and the fans and lights were on the floor and this was shot a lot of the time as if everything was the right way up so it was really disorientating and really pulled you into the situation and the story at hand. Plus, the characters had so much depth to them and back story that you really got to connect with them and feel for them when bad things happened.

Of course it is a horror movie so throughout the rooms we slowly see people get picked off one by one. This particular movie remind me a lot of Saw 2 where in that movie there were different puzzles and clues happening that the characters had to work out in order to survive, this movie is much the same but I still found this very interesting and while I did think sometimes ‘that person shouldn’t have died there’ things happened later on that justified what happened and it was just a cinematic experience like no other.

I can imagine if I watched this movie and then planned to go to an escape room with my friends it would always play in the back of my mind, ‘what if this is like that movie?’ ‘what if this isn’t a normal escape room and maybe I won’t escape at all?’.

I highly recommend this movie especially if you’re looking for something a bit different. It was really enjoyable, incredibly tense and had moments reminiscent of Cube. There were so many intricate details and so many influences in this movie I really recommend that you give it a go.

What do you think of Escape Room?

Until next time.

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