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Shrek the Musical Review

So this was just the Fiona show, right?

Shrek the Musical is the onstage adaptation of the Shrek movie. it follows the same storyline but with added moments, including a lot of musical elements, and some different characters taking more of a centre stage. I loved how Pinocchio had a bigger role in this because he is such a great character.

We all know the story of Shrek, he is an ogre that ends up with a load of Fairytale creatures in his swamp and has to save a princess to be able to get his swamp back. However, while saving the princess he ends up falling in love with her and realises that she has a dark secret. Now that’s all well and good, and a very simple and easy story to turn into an adaptation, but the play was so well done with it not just being about Shrek but being about the other characters too, and I loved how much emphasis Fiona was given as well.

Fiona was just a delight to watch! She was funny, she was smart, she was quirky, and she just had all these elements that really moulded her character into something even more. In the film, of course, she takes the backseat to Shrek, he is the main character, but in this I definitely found myself being drawn to her more. Maybe it’s because the actress was so good at playing her, but also maybe because Shrek as a character and his accent were quite annoying.

I feel now that I have watched every single Shrek movie this was definitely an add-on that I had to watch too and I very much enjoyed it. However I would say with any play, watching it on a stage instead of on the screen is always the better way. It’s a very interesting play, it’s very fun, but you definitely miss out on a lot of the atmosphere watching it on the screen.

Would I watch the musical again? Probably not unless I was going to see it in real life. With any musical this one had great moments for children but also for the adults in the audience and I think that is a great representation of what the Shrek movies were as well. I really liked the hidden details they included and the songs were very enjoyable to listen to too, as they were original songs and not the songs from the movie.

What do you think of Shrek the Musical?

Until next time.

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