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The Wolf of Wall Street Review

I won’t lie to you, it took me months to finish this film.

The Wolf of Wall Street follows the true story of a man called Jordan who worked for the stock market and starts illegally making money and money laundering to become a multi millionaire.

To me this movie screams toxic masculinity. It’s much like American Psycho, in that I can see men with toxic mindsets taking it and twisting it in a way that makes them feel empowered and masculine in a world where really they’re just seen as bad men.

In this film we see Jordan go from this simple man with a dream to this mad man who has the hot wife and the big house and the drugs and the manly friends and the crazy lifestyle and the yachts and everything else. We see him become this status symbol of wealth and fortune and he comes across so manly, but so frustratingly annoying with the fact that he seems to have little to no morals, and while I get why people could look at him and see him are such an inspiration because he did so much, the fact that he did it in less than legal ways and ended up serving time for it (after ratting out all his buddies) just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I also feel that the film being three hours long was just too much. There’s a lot of buildup which I really appreciated, it really showed you how insane and crazy Jordan‘s life was, but at the same time once you’re past that high point and you start going into the more legal side of things and things slow down a bit and become a bit darker and a bit sadder I just lost interest. It was at the point where he had drugged himself and was trying to drive home because he knew the FBI were onto him was the moment I fell off and didn’t care anymore. After that point the story don’t interest me, I don’t actually care about Jordan or his life, I cared about the craziness that he had within it and we had seen all that. Things were tumbling now, things were ending and at that point I didn’t feel any remorse or connection to the character, I just wanted to see Margot Robbie on my screen again.

And let’s be real for all the men and all the women who watched this film, Margot Robbie was the one that pulled them in. She is absolutely gorgeous in this, her accent is something to be desired, but her look, her hair, her body, her everything! She is absolutely stunning! She is what I wish I looked like. I definitely feel she was the highlight of this film, and that’s saying something because she wasn’t in a lot of it.

If you’re into this sort of biographical rags to riches kind of story of one man having at all then losing it all but then being able to rebuild again because he’s a white man in today’s society, I think you’d really enjoy this film. However it does drag. It’s very long, it’s got its low moments as well as its high moments, but I feel once you get past the glitz and glamour the rest of the story really doesn’t interest me. It’s not a movie that I would watch again, I feel everyone should watch it once because it’s on those films that you just have to see before you die, but that does not make it a good film. It just makes it an interesting film to talk about and critique with others.

What do you think of the Wolf of Wall Street?

Until next time.

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