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November 13: Attack on Paris Review

I only remember the concert shooting so to watch everything unfold in real time was horrifying.

The attacks on Paris on November the 13th are some of the most awful in recent history. They consisted of two suicide bombers trying to get into a football stadium, but were thankfully not allowed in and blew themselves up outside. Other gun men who were part of the group going round cafés in Paris shooting people within them, and finally these three men making their way to a concert where they gunned down a lot of the people inside.

In this series you get to hear first-hand accounts of people who were at each of these moments, including the President of France and the Mayor of Paris, and how they dealt with what was going on. The part that was really interesting to me was that a fire crew that was called to help with the attack were being filmed completely randomly by a journalist, and so everything was caught on camera and you get to see first hand what happened and it is horrifying.

I remember when this attack happened and how scarred I was just hearing about it and how horrible it must’ve been for people to be there, so to then hear what these people went through, including some of them being used as hostages by the suicide bombers is absolutely insane to think about. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to see people around you be killed and thinking any moment could be your last.

I feel this is a fantastic series that does the horrific attack justice and really helps to broaden your understanding of what happened and what these people went through. You can see it on the news, you can hear secondhand accounts of what happened and what’s gone on, but when you hear it from the people who were there is such a different experience. The amount of bravery these people have to have to even be able to relive and recount those moments is astounding and I cannot imagine what it must be like in their shoes.

If you have a sort of morbid curiosity into these sorts of things like I do then I highly recommend you watch this series. It’s eye-opening and jaw dropping and really makes you understand the severity of what happened and how lucky these people are to still be alive. It really makes you think about what you would do in that situation and also how lucky you are that you have never had to make that choice about how you will live or die.

Until next time.

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