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The Good Place Season 3 Review

Despite this show seeming to go around in circles, I can’t stop watching it.

So this season we see the four main characters be alive once again on Earth and seeing if them spending more time on Earth means that their point-score overall improves, and they can end up in the Good Place after all. However it seems, based on how the world has changed a lot with its core values, that the Good Place and the points system is no longer relevant.

I really enjoyed this idea because no matter what you do you are always going to be on the bad end and I think that’s something to really look at in our lives. We can buy fizzy drinks to drink but then we are supporting global warming by supporting these companies, we can care for another human being but then it turns out that other human being is a murderer and so you’re almost helping what should be a convicted criminal, you could buy a child sweets because they were a few pennies short at the shop but then they’ve got diabetes and that could end up killing them. No matter what you do in this world to try and be good there’s always going to be a repercussion to end up bad and that’s why the points system in this show doesn’t work anymore.

Despite the show being a bit repetitive and how we always end up in the same sort of situation just retelling it in a new way to find new answers to the problem, the actual core fundamentals and the way it makes you think about the world and what you’re doing on earth is what really draws me in, because it does make you think a lot about your own mortality and what is really important in your life.

I feel especially in this day and age where everything is so fast and so immediate you can get bogged down with feeling like you’re not doing enough or you can feel like everything you do is coming to nothing. Writing this review…what am I really doing it for? Of course I get some enjoyment out of it and I like seeing people read it and talk about it but at the end of the day, when it comes to my inevitable death, does that really matter? Or should I be going back to the olden ways of agricultural and farming and living off the land and not relying so much on 21st-century means?

It’s a fascinating series that makes you think about your own life and what you’re doing and while I wouldn’t watch the show anymore if I wasn’t so invested in the characters, because the storyline is getting a bit redundant at this point, I really love the way it makes me feel and makes me think about my own life and puts things into perspective. I would love there to be a good and a bad place when we die because at least then I know we’re not just some skeleton in the ground that’s going to be lost to the world and dug up probably one day or exploded when the world ends.

A bit more of a morbid look but I’d love to know what you think about season 3 too!

Until next time.

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