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Till Death Review

Megan Fox was the reason I wanted to watch this film because I love her, but actually watching it, I really enjoyed it.

This film reminded me a lot of Gerald’s Game but with a slightly different twist. A couple go to their lake house in the winter to celebrate their anniversary when the morning after the husband has handcuffed himself to his wife and has killed himself. The wife now has to battle with being handcuffed to her dead husband and escaping from this nightmare while surrounded by snow and ice. Things only escalate when it’s revealed that she had sent a man away for assaulting her, and her husband had made it so that, that man who was now released from jail could come and hunt her down and get his revenge too.

That may sound a bit crazy but it actually really works and what I loved about this film, and I don’t know if it was done deliberately, but there were a lot of funny moments within it that made me laugh out loud because it was so surreal. You had this woman dragging around her husband’s corpse and accidentally hitting his head on things and getting annoyed at him and yelling at him and him having this whole elaborate plan and it was so well thought out that it was almost comical because it was so over the top.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a scary film. It was a horror film at the heart of it and it was very gruesome, very suspenseful and being stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow and ice is absolutely terrifying. There were moments that I was gasping at the screen because Megan Fox’s character was so close to the men that wanted to kill her and it really kept me engaged.

If you like horror movies that are a bit weird and wacky and over the top but also set in one place that brings a lot of suspense and thrill to them then this will be a great movie for you. I really enjoyed how the story continued and how with every moment there was something new being added to it and you realise just how angry and vengeful the husband was. It’s a fascinating story and really makes you wonder if you can really trust the people that should be the ones that love you.

What do you think of Till Death?

Until next time.

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