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Ghostbusters 2016 Review

I was nervous to watch this film, as I said in my Ocean’s 8 release review, films that were originally focused on men now being focused on women often get a bad rap, but in fact I really enjoyed it.

Ghostbusters follows the original Ghostbusters group but this time they are four women with a male secretary. I didn’t feel that this ruined Ghostbusters at all, it just felt like a fresh new take on it and I felt the action in the movie was what really sold it for me, and in the end I didn’t care what gender were playing these roles because they fit so well into the universe regardless of that.

This film did make me really excited and at parts I found myself smiling and laughing along because it was so enjoyable. If you enjoy that horror family-fun style of movie that you can sit down with your whole family and watch, and while it may scare your kids you know it will be a film they’ll enjoy into their adult years because it is so exciting, then this is the perfect film for just that.

I don’t believe this film brings too much new to the table of Ghostbusters. I’m glad it wasn’t just a rehash, and while we did have the marshmallow man make a cameo in the film, it wasn’t that whole story again just with women. I love the look of the ghosts and how they acted, I liked the quirkiness of each of the characters and how well they fit together, and while it does have some 21st-century American jokes that are very low bar, I did find most of the humour and comedy quite enjoyable and would happily watch it again.

I feel if you’re tied to the original Ghostbusters then you may not enjoy this movie as much as I did because that is what Ghostbusters is to you: it’s four men fighting ghosts. However as someone who has only ever seen the original Ghostbusters as a teenager and hasn’t really delved into the world of that series since this just felt like a great add on to it and I wasn’t opposed to women taking over the men’s roles, it felt refreshing and new and definitely bought it to a new audience.

There have been plenty of films that have been remade that have been awful and it’s because they’ve literally taken the original idea from the original film and just put new people into it. I said with my Ocean’s 8 review, I really enjoyed it because it was an add-on to the original story and wasn’t trying to be the original story, and I feel that’s the same for this film. It’s not trying to be the original, it’s trying to add its own twist on what we already know and I think it worked really well.

What do you think of Ghostbusters?

Until next time.

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