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Piranha 3D Review

This film encapsulates early 2000s culture, from its music to its interests and even the CGI, it screamed the noughties…but that doesn’t mean it was good.

Piranha 3D looks at a load of flesh eating piranhas that are accidentally released into a lake during Spring Break, where thousands of teenagers and young adults are coming together to make the most of the sunshine.

We also follow the story of Jake, a young lad who has been tasked with babysitting his siblings during the festivities, yet decides to go against his mother’s ruling to join a director on a boat with two very attractive women who are creating adult movies. Things come to a head when Jake and his siblings end up being surrounded by the piranhas and they see the people around them being eaten, and while it’s very simple CGI and and basic gory effects, it still can easily turn your stomach with how far they go with it.

One scene that really got me was when a girl accidentally catches her hair in the engine of a speedboat and is ultimately scalped and is still alive. I’ve watched all the Saw films and while they also push me over the edge sometimes, nothing compares to the memory of that poor girl, and I think what makes it even worse is that it is quite believable, something like that happening in a moment of panic could easily happen and the fact that we haven’t explored much of our ocean and these flesh eating piranhas could be out there does make you worry.

Yes, while this film is a parody of more serious ocean horrors, it still has a special place in my heart for being so over the top with the gore and the horror. It’s a brilliant film if you want something a bit more gory to enjoy and not have to deal with jump scares too much. Let’s be honest, most people are watching this for the scantily clad women, and while the CGI women under the ocean looked ridiculous, most of the time it was quite fun to watch and enjoy.

What do you think of Piranha 3D?

Until next time.

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