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Bones Season 2 Review

I do feel as Bones continues that the seasons could get a bit underwhelming, however the jump from season one to season two this time was very enjoyable because we finally got more overarching storylines that kept you interested even if the standalone episodes did not.

In season two we continue to follow Bones as she comes to terms with not only her relationship with her partner from the FBI, but also her team members and her own family. In this season her father is a much more prominent figure and we learn more about her past and what made her who she is, but a lot is still up for debate and I’m sure that will continue for many seasons to come.

Other overarching storylines include two of the team members Jack and Angela becoming a couple and in the end possibly getting married. One team member, Zack decides to leave the group to go to Iraq, and it’s interesting looking at all of the side quests that these characters are going on are becoming more interesting and I’m glad they’re not just supporting cast for Temperance’s storylines but also have their own too.

However for the praise I can give the overarching storylines the singular episodes weren’t always the best. They tried to push out some more weird stories about supernatural beings but that still didn’t excite me because in the end you know it’s never going to be that, and it’s always going to have some logical explanation. There were also some episodes where the murderer of the body they find isn’t actually captured and while I’m sure this will come back in later seasons, at least I hope it does, it does give you some feeling of emptiness knowing that you don’t have closure for these victims.

I will continue to watch Bones but I don’t think I will at the frequency that I have so far. It is a good show but it does get a bit repetitive at times and I feel as I continue to watch it the binge watch-ability of it is going down. I feel this is much more a show that I’d like to watch sporadically when I’m in the mood for it rather than something that I can’t stop watching because it has constantly piqued my interest.

What do you think of Bones season two?

Until next time.

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