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Up in the Air Review

While this wouldn’t be my usual type of film it’s always nice to branch out of your comfort zone and try something new, so to watch this film as someone who was completely new to it was very interesting but does not mean it was worth it.

Up in the Air follows Ryan Bingham, a single man who travels across the country firing people for businesses that are too soft to do it themselves. Due to his constant movements around the country he has no real connections but his blood relatives, this is until he meets his coworker Natalie, a woman he has to show the ropes to and joins him on his voyage across the country. As well as a woman called Alex who once again seems to travel across the country and not have too many connections, who one day decides to make a connection with Ryan himself.

Throughout the film you see the characters change and grow as they start to realise what really matters in life and what is most important, especially for Ryan being the main character. We see his relationship with his family change, we see his relationship with his coworkers and friends change and overall see how he views his life and his time. It’s not the most in-depth story but because you get to know these characters on quite a deep level it is lovely to see how they change throughout the film and where they end up.

There are a few twists and turns in the film which I did not expect but very much enjoyed and appreciated because they added more to the characters. And it also made you wonder about your own life and the time you have on this earth and how you wish to spend it. As I said, it’s not a film that I would usually watch but I did quite enjoy it for an easy viewing, and while it didn’t have a profound effect on me I certainly don’t feel like I wasted my time.

Overall this film is a nice watch to work through if you have some free time and want something new to try. It’s not the most incredible film although it does have a fantastic cast, and while it does try to be more deep then I think it actually is, it is a nice little story to dive into and then forget about soon after. While it’s not one I would revisit it’s certainly a film that I enjoyed at the time and is perfect for an easy viewing.

What do you think of Up in the Air?

Until next time.

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