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Downton Abbey: The Movie Review

I feel the Christmas episode of Downton really prepared me for this film, as the film didn’t bring too much extra concerns or issues to the table and just felt like an elongated episode.

Downton Abbey the movie continues to follow the Crawley family as they work through the ever-changing tides of modern society. In this film the big overarching storyline is that the Royals are coming to visit and there is a lot of conflict between their servants and Downton Abbey’s servants, as well as the family adjusting to new life with new partners.

I also enjoyed the inclusion of Mr Crawley being blindsided by his cousin. I felt that added to the changing tides of Downton Abbey as we saw it really change it from a sweet little show about people playing cricket before the world war to now people who may never have been able to have the chance of being upper-class being given the chance by nice people.

While this film is two hours long it didn’t seem to drag or take too long to get to where it was going, as I said with the Christmas episodes we saw previously in Downton Abbey seasons, they are always elongated and so having that slightly longer episode there that isn’t just the 45 minute standard made changing to a two hour movie really easy to transition to. I really enjoyed seeing how the characters have changed and grown since we last saw them in season six and I definitely feel this is a very soft and warm and nice film that you can watch with all the family and no one would get offended.

I definitely recommend this film whether you enjoyed the TV show or whether you enjoy period dramas such as these. It’s a very easy watch and while it’s good to have some understanding of who the characters are from the TV show I wouldn’t say it’s a complete necessity, you just might not have that same connection to them as you would if you watched all six seasons. I definitely feel Downton Abbey is one of those shows that is a British classic and one that will live on for a while.

What do you think of Downton Abbey the movie?

Until next time.

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