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Pamela: A Love Story Review

I very much enjoyed Pam and Tommy on Disney Plus but of course that was a recreation of everything that happened to them during their whirlwind romance, so to actually hear all that happened from Pamela herself as well as what made her the superstar she is known to be today and how she’s still reeling after all the events, was super interesting but also incredibly tragic.

In this documentary we get to speak to Pamela Anderson herself about her rise to fame being at the top and then her slow descent into becoming the woman she truly wanted to be, a woman who seems content in herself and is finally able to pursue ambitions that she never would have got the chance to if she was still the girl we once knew.

In this documentary we find out that Pamela kept journals all through her life and these journals are read to us, not by Pamela herself because she said she couldn’t relive them, but by a voice actress who really brings to light what Pamela went through and how what we often see as glitz and glamour is anything but. As well as the tragic backstory that Pamela had to go through to become who she is and what she’s known for.

It was lovely to watch Pamela watch home movies of her and Tommy’s relationship as well as her and her other husbands’ relationships too and even getting to speak to her sons and all that they’ve been through. It’s quite upsetting knowing that at the core Pamela is a sweet woman who had dreams of being a wife and a mother and while she did get to achieve those dreams, it was not in the way that she expected, but I am glad through all the years that she was an actress and a model and everything else that she never lost her core values and beliefs and she was always true to herself. Even to the point where Tommy became abusive she didn’t stay with the man just because she thought she had to be his wife and the mother of his kids, but she left because she valued herself much more than what was expected of her.

This documentary is a fascinating insight into her life giving you a really candid look at who Pamela Anderson was and who she came to be. It’s really interesting as it looks into every single aspect of her life and really breaks it down for you to understand her.

I think if you have an interest in Pamela Anderson or what she went through or just want to know a celebrity on a deeper level than what is portrayed to us through the media then this is a fantastic documentary for just that. She comes across so human and honest and sweet and so it’s quite hard to think about all that she’s been through and you do hope that now she is able to take control of her life again, she’s able to make it what she always wanted it to be in the first place.

What do you think of Pamela Anderson?

Until next time.

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