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Bones Season 3 Review

This season in some ways was much easier to watch than season two and I’m glad we finally came to a head with one of the ongoing storylines that has been happening for a while now.

Bones season three continues to follow Brennan and Booth as they work together to find out how murder victims have died by using their bones to extract all the information they need. As with previous seasons of Bones this one once again feels very Scooby Doo, in that it is usually one of the characters they meet that is the bad guy and you don’t meet many other people beyond them, but some of the episodes were quite engaging and kept me interested even if not all of them did.

But in the final episode of the season we find out who the cannibal killer is and who his apprentice is too. The apprentice turns out to be one of the group, and while this reveal was very obvious in hindsight (of this particular episode) it completely blindsided me as I watched, so finding out who it actually was, was really interesting and bought the end of the storyline to a great finale. I did find the way they killed the cannibal killer a bit underwhelming in that they just went into his dungeon and shot him, but while that may have been anticlimactic the actual twists and turns of following this killer certainly weren’t.

Is this a show that I will keep on watching? Absolutely yes, it’s very easy to watch if you don’t mind too much gore or blood, it is a bit over the top sometimes and some episodes are easier to watch than others, however as long as you’re not eating dinner I don’t think it should put you off. I do think it gets a bit repetitive at times and really the only exciting part is when the details are emerging about the victims, however it is not that bad that I want to stop watching.

What do you think of Bones season three?

Until next time.

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