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Suits Season Three Review

I definitely felt this season was the one where things got a bit too repetitive and a bit too soft. There were many interesting elements that really could have added to the overall storyline here but none were fleshed out enough to actually have any influence on the characters or their stories. Is it time to slowly phase out watching Suits everyday?

Suits season 3 continues to follow Mike and Harvey working together at the law firm as they try and deal with more cases happening around them as well as their own personal issues that we have seen in both seasons one and two. In this one however some interesting storylines are opened including Louis finding love with Sheila and finding out that Mike didn’t go to Harvard, and Mike and Rachel’s relationship becoming more serious alongside this.

I found it very frustrating that the Louis found out that Mike didn’t go to Harvard storyline didn’t actually go anywhere. It would have been really interesting because Louis is one of those characters that has a lot of animosity with the others and if he could use this as blackmail or leverage then I’m sure he would. The way that he quickly dismissed it and allowed it to continue really didn’t fit his character that we have come to know and really annoyed me because I wanted some more drama.

Out of any of the characters Louis was going to be the one that would’ve caused an uproar with Mike and his situation and the fact that this didn’t happen really tainted the show for me because it was, in my opinion, one of the only exciting moments that something big could have happened and it just came to nothing.

The storyline that is getting quite old for me now despite it being so fresh is Mike and Rachel’s relationship, they are clearly two very toxic characters. Mike has a lot of issues within himself as does Rachel and so seeing them butt heads over the smallest issues is really frustrating because in the real world and not in a soap drama this wouldn’t matter. One of the big ones is Rachel wanting to go off to her top chosen school to become a lawyer yet Mike says that if she does, because it is so far away, they might as well break up because their relationship could never survive. How weak does your relationship have to be that someone pursuing their dream is the cause of it ending? How selfish does that show Mike’s character in that he can’t even allow his girlfriend to have something for herself without it becoming a big drama?

But then it works the other way round too, there’s a point where Mike gets offered a job at a new place that wouldn’t need a Harvard degree to happen and so this means that this weight on his shoulders that he has had that at any point he could be found to be a fraud would be gone and he could start fresh. Rachel wants him to take this job, she wants him to finally have the freedom to be exactly who he is and not have to worry so much, yet in the end he decides to stay with Harvey and Rachel gets very angry at this because she doesn’t understand his reasoning. The issue in this relationship is clearly communication and they just don’t talk to each other enough to be able to see each other’s sides. Clearly Mike was in the wrong for saying him and Rachel might as well break up if she goes to her chosen school but Rachel also being annoyed that he followed his intuition and Harvey in what he wanted to do is also wrong because really it does not affect her and the only way it would is if Mike goes to jail.

Overall this season was ok, it wasn’t groundbreaking or incredible and really didn’t bring too much to the table but just hinted at lots of little things that would have made it much better if they decided to pursue it. As I continue to watch Suits I feel the love of it is falling off slightly, it’s getting a bit too repetitive and the constant will he be found out or won’t he isn’t enough of an exciting plot point anymore to keep me watching. However, saying that, I am going to continue watching the show although I feel like the pace at which I watch it will slow down as, watching it so often does become quite taxing.

What do you think of Suits season 3?

Until next time.

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