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MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Review

The fascinating thing with this documentary is that we still don’t have answers to what actually happened to the missing plane and all the people on board, and so what this documentary does instead of giving you these answers, it gives you three separate theories on what could have happened and lets you make up your own mind.

MH370 was a Malaysian aircraft that disappeared one night over the ocean and only parts of the wreckage have been found since, however people do question the authenticity of these parts and whether they were placed there or floated there of their own accord.

In this documentary we look at three separate theories that friends and family of the victims and internet sleuths have and it’s very interesting speaking to them first-hand and seeing what they think, especially as the theory that they are being talked about isn’t debunked until the next episode so you can easily believe it at the time, but soon realise all the plot holes that are involved with it.

The first theory is that this disappearance was a murder-suicide by the pilot. It is clear this man had depression and possible suicidal thoughts and on his flight simulator at home he had flown practically the exact course that he took the plane that night in preparation for what he was going to do. He decided he was going to take an entire plane full of men, women, children, innocent people down with him which to me just seems barbaric and I can’t imagine why anyone would do that. It sounds absolutely horrible especially as he has basically doomed over 200 people because of his own selfishness, and speaking to his wife in the documentary I just can’t imagine he would do such a thing, but so often we do not know what is going on in other people’s mental state and maybe it was a possibility that he was just hiding it from everyone.

The second theory is that the Russians hijacked the plane, took it off course and plummeted it into the ocean to take away the news from them invading Crimea. I’ll be honest, while this one is just as outlandish as all the others, I feel this one could be more factual because we know that these sorts of things happen. Things are orchestrated in the world to take away the attention of the public and push their thoughts and attention somewhere else and as we can see from this documentary, if this theory is the case, it definitely worked. I didn’t even know about Russia invading Crimea but I definitely knew about the plane and that seems absolutely insane to me. So if I had to pick any of these theories to be correct it would definitely be this one, but that’s only if we ignore the glaring plot holes that are also involved with it.

The third theory is that the plane was intercepted by an outside source that was not on the plane. Now of course this could be possible, we know that planes have been shot down accidentally by missiles because they deemed them as a threat but I’ll be honest, after hearing the first two outlandish theories this one didn’t hit me quite as hard as they did and is the one that I remember the least because it wasn’t so over-the-top. I think that’s the thing with conspiracy theories and why the most crazy ones seem to get the most attention, because they’re the most fun and interesting and ones that will hold your attention and keep you researching it, whereas if we think it’s something much more reasonable that happened people don’t care as much because normal life is boring anyway and sometimes they want a bit of fun to dive into to make it feel a little more exciting.

I unfortunately believe that we will never know exactly what happened to the plane and those passengers and that is such a shame, but as is with life sometimes things aren’t explained or understood and that’s unfortunately just a part of what we have to go through. It’s horrible for the family who will never get closure but unfortunately I do not see another outcome.

What do you think happened to MH370?

Until next time.

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