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You Season Four Review

Spoilers ahead.

I can only assume that due to the time frame of the season they had to stick with the original plan of the twist despite most people online having worked it out themselves. It reminded me of Pretty Little Liars and their twist and how when their fans figured it out they completely changed it to try and one up them and it completely ruined the show, so I’m glad that they did not go down that route.

As we continue into Joe’s time in London we start to realise that what we have been seeing so far isn’t the full story. It turns out that Rhys Montrose, the man who Joe thinks he’s good friends with and is a murderer is actually a part of himself, and he has managed to separate himself from his murderous side into this character. Yes, Rhys is a real person, he is a real man but he has never connected with Joe at all, what we see on screen is a complete illusion.

I really enjoyed this twist because it made a lot of sense. The fact that Joe is trying to disconnect himself from who he used to be in this new world and having these blindspots while he does these murderers without ever remembering is very much the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde storyline that we all know and have seen before. It’s done in such a way that keeps you guessing and for the first half of this season at least I didn’t expect it to go down this way and expected it to be something completely different.

And so while I was worried that they gave away the murderer in the first half and I worried how that would affect the enjoyment of the second half it actually kept things very interesting and exciting because you had all these twists and turns and I really enjoyed that. The character of Joe that we’ve known for so long isn’t gone and isn’t a completely new person but just separated from his murderous side and his empathy.

I do wonder though if there will be more You seasons and in some ways I kind of wish there won’t. I feel Joe has had a good ending, he’s found a woman who loves him but knows who he is – but of course we already had that with Love – he is living in New York, has a bookstore and seems to be very successful in his life. I do just wonder where Henry is…

So if this was the final season of You I think that would be really great especially as it always seems to follow the same constructs, we have the same methodology of how he conducts his murders and it can get a bit monotonous and repetitive. I feel how the show went with this season shows that Joe will never really change who he is and that’s all there is to be known about it, so I do hope that this is the final season and if there is another season maybe I’ll give it a go, but I really don’t think it’s needed at this point.

What did you think of the twist?

Until next time.

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