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Criminal Minds Season Two Review

As shows continue they of course have to keep things new and interesting for the audience to want to keep coming back to watch more, however I do hope that Criminal Minds doesn’t become what Bones and Suits did for me, in that it changed its formula too much that it became boring.

Season two of Criminal Minds changes up the formula slightly from season one. In season one we followed these characters as each of the cases started and ended in the same episodes they began in, so that meant that you could easily drop in and out of the show and still understand everything that’s going on because not much really changes, but because the cases were so interesting that’s what kept you watching. However in season two they changed this.

We see overarching storylines becoming more of the norm and some cases being brought up way later in the season than when they was first explored, meaning that if you dropped in and out of the episodes you would be confused as to why we were looking at a serial killer that we looked at many episodes ago, when we thought things were cut and dry. Even myself, who has watched every single episode of season two quite quickly, found it confusing when a certain character showed up again that I wasn’t expecting, and I cannot imagine that for someone who just dropped in and out how confusing that would be.

We also saw a main character be dismissed from the show and from the team and a new person come in. Now of course with these characters you have to get to know them and connect with them and so when I saw this particular character leave I did think that it was a shame but I understood it in the context of the story line, however the person that came in to replace them was very annoying to begin with. While they have slightly grown on me, I do feel that they still need to put in more effort and work to really get me on board with them, especially as their character is quite polarising.

But the thing that annoys me the most about this season was that it ended on a cliffhanger again, but it wasn’t as strong as the first season. Season one’s cliffhanger was really engaging and exciting and made me want to continue on to season two immediately to see how it was resolved, however I saw the last episode of season two a few days ago and so far I still have not wanted to pick it up again because the twist at the end was almost obvious and not as exciting. I do hope this won’t become a big thing in season three but it did have me worried that it wasn’t as strong as season one and already I can see pieces beginning to fall off the wagon and my interest waning.

But for the most part it’s still a very enjoyable show, yes it’s not as strong as season one, but it was incredible to start with so that is a hard thing to contend with. It is a show that I will continue watching because I do enjoy it and I’m excited to see where it leads to next.

What do you think of Criminal Minds season two?

Until next time.

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