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Nine Perfect Strangers Review

Spoilers ahead.

After watching White Lotus and being really disappointed in the show in that it felt like there was no rhyme or reason to it, it was quite enjoyable to watch a show that was very similar but actually had a purpose.

Nine Perfect Strangers follows a group of nine people who have come to a retreat to spend ten days with a woman who has a very tragic backstory. Throughout the show you see how these people change based on what they go through at this retreat. But not everything is as it seems as it turns out the retreat has been drugging the group and changing their personalities to see if the leader can harness an ability to get in touch with her dead daughter.

I found this show really enjoyable and it definitely made me want to go on a spa retreat too, however maybe to one that doesn’t drug you without your consent. The characters are fleshed out incredibly well and have really interesting backstories that you get to learn about, and are all from different walks of life too so you have a good idea of every kind of person in the world and and seeing them all come together in this very pompous place is really fun.

Yes, some moments are more trivial than others, but when it all comes together in the end and you finally realise what was actually going on here you definitely have a good story arc and get to see how these people have changed during this time and where that has left them. I especially enjoyed the romance between Melissa McCartney’s character and Bobby Cannavale’s character because, in the show while a romance isn’t particularly needed for the overarching story line, it was definitely nice to see how they went from strangers to some what enemies to lovers.

Overall, normally this sort of show wouldn’t be my cup of tea because it doesn’t have an obvious rhyme or reason as to why it is being shown to us until the last episode and so it can be quite a slog to get to that point, but I am glad that I pursued this show and gave it a chance because it was really enjoyable. As I said at the start, it really made me want to go on a spa retreat too, so if you’re unsure about trying something new or something in a different genre to what you normally would enjoy, I say definitely give it a go because it could always surprise you.

What do you think of Nine Perfect Strangers?

Until next time.

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