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Go Hard or Go Home Review

As I am someone who always likes to strive to be better in my life in whatever area, I love watching people that motivate me too. And so finding Go Hard or Go Home on the BBC was the perfect motivation I needed to keep going.

Go Hard or Go Home follows a group of people who wish to do better in their lives and have their own traumas that have held them back, from one man dealing with battling cancer to a woman who relies too much on family members to keep her going and even another young woman, who has recently lost her father in an incredibly tragic way that has left her with a lot of grief.

These individuals are paired up with different motivational people including MMA fighters, retired Olympians, and fitness influencers to help them on this journey to conquer their fears, as well as making them find that routine and reason to keep going.

In the show each section is separated by a different element whether that be air, water, earth or fire, and at the end of each element one of the group has to leave the island and not continue the rest of the show. Because this is a BBC show there is no prize at the end but really I don’t think if there was a prize that would be the core reason for someone doing this. It’s not about that sudden lump sum solving all your problems, it’s about finding ways that you can consistently battle against what you are going through and being able to put them in real-life scenarios when you leave the process.

I found this show incredibly motivating because of what the group went through. You really felt that connection when they explained their story and opened up to not only their mentors but to you as well, and seeing how they change throughout the show does show you that all you have to do is put your mind in the right place to be able to conquer these challenges and you can do it too. They are on the island for a month and that’s it, it’s very admirable to see them completely change their lives in a month and it’s so inspirational. It really gets you thinking about how you can change your life and what you can implement from what they’ve learnt to make yourself even better than who you are today.

It’s a fantastic show about mental toughness, grit, determination and the possibility of a better tomorrow. Each one of these people is struggling with something in their lives, as many of us are, and so to know that they were able to break through that barrier and become better people shows that anyone can do it and is an absolutely fantastic way of opening people’s eyes and getting them to where they truly want to be.

I cannot recommend this show enough, and with any show like this I always want to go on it myself too because I can imagine it is the most terrifying and exhilarating time of your life.

What do you think of Go Hard or Go Home?

Until next time.

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