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Sort Your Life Out Review

Since the pandemic and working from home has become more of a norm for a lot of people our workspaces have changed and our home spaces have changed too, we see them in a much different light, and I know personally for me the worst thing that I can deal with is clutter and mess. So I knew this show would be a firm favourite for me from the beginning.

Sort Your Life Out sees a team go to different people’s homes for 7-days. Some of those days are used to sort through the clutter and get it out of the house so that the house is a clean slate for the workers, the other days are used by the family to go through their belongings in a giant warehouse where it’s all laid out for them to decide what they want to keep and what they are happy to get rid of, and the final days are putting back the stuff that they wish to keep in this newly renovated home and finding ways of keeping things clean and tidy and manageable.

I absolutely adore the idea of this show because, in this day and age where people are constantly working and we never seem to have enough time, the one thing that does gets pushed aside is your home. It can be filled up with so much clutter that is not needed but you just don’t have the time to go through it and actually figure out what you want to keep and what you don’t, and also finding the places that will take the stuff you don’t want anymore, especially post-pandemic where charity shops and selling online has completely changed.

The biggest take away I have from this show is the advice they give you as an audience member. Some of it is stuff you wouldn’t even think of or know of if you hadn’t watched it and so while it’s fun to see this family sort through their stuff and have this big reveal of a recreated home, what we get as an audience member beyond entertainment is so valuable too because we can implement these changes into our own lives and our own homes to make sure that things are kept neat and tidy and don’t cause brain fog or mental health issues.

I absolutely adore this show because it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that these types of shows always do but also makes you think about your situation too and how you can improve where you live and what you do. The saying “do I love it or do I need it?” is constantly at the forefront of my mind now when I look at buying new things because if it doesn’t have a reason or a place to be bought then I don’t buy it, it’s as simple and as complicated as that! If you want a feel good show to watch that will give you some inspiration for your own home too then I highly recommend this.

What do you think of Sort Your Life Out?

Until next time.

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