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A Quiet Place Part 2 Review

I absolutely adored A Quiet Place when it first came out, I thought what it brought to the horror genre was something new and different and that kept it very exciting and fresh, and because the monsters were affected by sound having all those silent moments really added to the tense feeling of the movie as a whole and kept me gripped from start to finish, so how did part two hold up?

When part two begins it is showing a flashback of when the creatures first came to earth and I absolutely adored this and wished they had continued with this storyline because I always find origin stories very fascinating, especially when it comes to monsters and creatures from a different planet. It would be incredible to see how it all began and how we got to the part of the original film, was the baby planned? Was it an accident? How did they end up living where they did? All these answers would be so interesting to dive into, but as soon as we saw the origin of the meteor coming to earth we suddenly went back to present day post the happenings of the first film, and it became much like any other survival film I’ve seen before.

I was really disappointed with the storyline that they decided to go down because it was very similar to a lot of other survival horror films. There’s a place where the bad guys can’t get to so of course the good guys want to head there and do everything they can to survive, but then suddenly the bad guys are at the safe place and it isn’t safe after all. Writing this review off the top of my head in World War Z, that blindfold movie, there are so many that already have this storyline that it’s completely underwhelming compared to the original film. It was so new and different, why do something so cookie-cutter when you did something so original to begin with?

I wish they had gone down the prequel route with this film in showing what happened when the monsters first came because I think that would be so fascinating and exciting to watch, especially if people don’t yet know that they are all about hearing and so will make a lot of mistakes and have room for a lot of jump scares that actually have a place and purpose. Whereas what we saw in this film was just a continuation of what we had from the original which wasn’t too exciting to see rehashed and a cookie cutter storyline that any survival film could’ve done.

It makes me very angry that these choices were made for these films and while I cannot recommend A Quiet Place enough, part two is one that I would not recommend to anyone unless they like the cookie-cutter formula of survival films. It’s boring, has cheap jump scares that are obvious and cliche, and just does not hold a candle to the original in the slightest.

What do you think of A Quiet Place Part 2?

Until next time.

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