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The Purge Season One Review

I’ve always been an advocate for The Purge: Anarchy, I believe it is the best of the films and while I have not seen The Forever Purge yet, it doesn’t fill me with hope that it will be any good. So finally deciding to watch The Purge TV show was really exciting for me because I feel this is what The Purge needs to really dive into every aspect of it, and I am so glad to say it did not disappoint.

The Purge season 1 follows many different story lines that seem to be disconnected from one another, until you get to later episodes where they all come together and work really well. Some of the story lines we dive into are a couple who are trying to get money from the NFFA to use for a greater purpose that will actually help the world around them, a girl who has joined a cult and this cult gives these people with troubled pasts to people who wish to purge and tell them that it’s for the greater good because they are helping these people cleanse their soul of their anger, and even another man – the wild card – who is going around with a hit list taking certain people away from the purge to an undisclosed location. This man’s reasoning isn’t revealed until the end but it’s really fun because as you watch his storyline unfold you make your own assumptions and conclusions about him, especially as he seems to be saving these people from being purged themselves, for it to only be twisted and come to an absolutely amazing conclusion that I adore.

I think the idea of The Purge is absolutely fantastic because it really does show that when it comes down to it and all law is gone people will do whatever they want, if they’re in the position of power, because that’s their primal instinct. Sometimes the reason people have for purging can be so stupid but that’s what makes it realistic, much like in Election Year they had a girl wanting to kill a man for not letting her steal a Snickers bar, and very similar in this TV show we see a man who wants to purge a teenage girl because she didn’t thank him for holding a door. As stupid and over the top as that is, I know that people are petty enough to want to kill someone over that, and so while some people can say it’s stupid and makes no sense compared to other reasons for killing I think it’s the most realistic part of it all.

I absolutely adored this show and watched it over two days because I didn’t want to stop, every episode had something going on because there’s so much that can go on during the purge, and I love that. I do wish that we had more TV shows made like this where, yes they work in a movie sense, but to really tell the story and to really understand the characters a TV show format is much better. I think if that’s what you love from The Purge – finding out what these people are going through and why they’re doing what they’re doing – then this is perfect.

I cannot rate this TV show enough, I think it perfectly encapsulates exactly what I wanted as an audience member from The Purge films, and it is just a delight to watch. Yes the deaths are a bit comical and cartoonish, and of course a lot happens off screen to keep the rating down, but I think once you get into the characters and their stories that stuff doesn’t matter anymore. You’ve just got to work through it to get to the diamonds in the rough.

I know the show got cancelled after the second season which I am sad about at this moment in time because I think it is absolutely fantastic, but I will watch the second season and see if that had any reason for the show’s cancellation or whether it was just ailing numbers and viewership.

What do you think of The Purge TV show?

Until next time.

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