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Murder Mystery 2 Review

I I always enjoy a murder mystery film and so when I saw this sequel had come to Netflix I had to add it to my watch list, but thinking back to when I watched the original, I couldn’t remember any of it! So would this one be as forgettable as that?

Murder Mystery 2 looks at the two people that we had from the original film, Nick and Audrey, as they decide to go into private eye jobs that they seem to enjoy. While they are trying to get this agency off the ground they are invited to a wedding of one of their friends who ends up kidnapped and they need to figure out who the kidnappers are, why they’ve kidnapped this particular person, and how they can save them.

I know that Adam Sandler gets a lot of bad press for being quite dumb and simple and while there are many moments in this film that could fit into that box I think as long as you go into this film with that knowledge that it is that sort of film then you cannot be disappointed, because at times the comedy is really good. The characters are interesting, especially Jennifer Aniston’s, and the murder mystery element while not really a murder is really enjoyable because it has that slapstick excitement to it while also being quite in depth and interesting.

When the bad guy was revealed in this film I did find it a bit lacklustre, I understand why they were the bad guy and how they fitted in with the characters but I just felt a bit underwhelmed especially as it just seemed to come out of nowhere. It felt quite rushed and I would have liked more build-up and foreshadowing. Maybe I need to go back and watch this film again to actually see those moments if they are there but overall I think the reveal could have been a lot stronger and had a lot more excitement to it.

But I will say the comedy is the thing that got me the most, it was stupid and silly and fun and that’s what I really enjoyed from this film, and so while the overall story was a bit forgettable the comedic one liners are what kept me interested and made me enjoy the film as a whole.

If you’re looking for something simple to enjoy with friends or a partner that it is an easy watch with some deeper elements to it – being the murder mystery side – then I highly recommend this because it is that sort of film. I just think that the actual murder mystery sadly got sidelined for the comedy and that’s what made this film feel forgettable to me, I did not remember it for the twists and turns, but for the comedic elements.

What do you think of Murder Mystery 2?

Until next time.

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