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The Purge Season Two Review

I recently watched and praised the first season of The Purge for how in depth it was and how it kept you interested throughout the whole show, so knowing it got cancelled after season two I wondered what the motive was for that, and while I think season two is definitely not as good as season one because of the way they decided to go about it, I am kind of glad it went down this route because I could see it becoming very repetitive very quickly.

The Purge season two fascinatingly happens during the time between purges, so yes at the beginning of the show we see the end of one purge but then we see all the ramifications of the purge and what that means for different types of civilians, from one man who finds out he has a bounty on his head and finding out why that has happened, to a young college student whose psyche starts to dwindle due to him almost being purged and now wanting to get that feeling of power back again, and even a woman who works for the NFFA finding out that a woman that she was close to is purged but knows that there’s more to the story.

What I found really interesting with this season compared to the first is the gore was a lot more bloody, there were a lot more moments of true horror from people getting shot in the head to people getting ran over and just body horror in general as well, and I think it’s because in this season it’s not so prominent. It’s not the constant horror that we’re seeing on screen and so because we see it less often they can go deeper into it because it’s not constantly happening, and that’s what I really wanted from the purge as a whole, to see that gore and horror because that is the truth and is what happens when people get killed or tortured and I’m glad that, that was brought in, in this season.

It may be the weirdest comparison but this season really reminded of Grand Theft Auto especially with one group that were thieves and they only wanted to use the purge to collect money because they were poor and didn’t actually kill any of the people that got in their way, i.e the security guards. Now of course there’s other people that are trying to kill them and that’s fair game, they need to be taken care of, but to see people who don’t actually want to hurt others and just take advantage of a broken system was really interesting and as I said those moments really reminded me of video games because it was that heist situation but in a new world.

I did find some of the episodes a bit long and boring and it didn’t have that excitement that the first season gave me because there wasn’t always something going on. Yes there was always a story to tell but because it wasn’t happening during such a high stake event it felt a lot more slow and methodical, I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying when you come off of a season that was so high pressure and exciting to then have time to actually think and evaluate moments and events, it feels very strange.

Would I like to see another season of The Purge? I don’t know how they would do it especially as they’ve had one season that was during the night and another season that shows the after effects of the night, I don’t know where we could go next. I think it could be really exciting to see it on screen again but the storyline is the thing that needs to be good to draw my attention, and I cannot imagine what that would be.

What do you think of The Purge season two?

Until next time.

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