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Longest Third Date Review

I am not a big fan of romance movies because they always seem so over the top and ridiculous, so to see one become reality during the most terrifying time in most people’s lives was actually really heartwarming and sweet to see, and definitely gave you that warm fuzzy feeling that I think we all need from time to time.

Longest Third Date looks at a couple Khani and Matt as they decide to spend their third date after meeting online in Costa Rica despite barely knowing each other. Us as audience members get to see what happens when they decide to fly out not thinking too much of the pandemic, to then find out that New York where they’re from is a hot zone and they cannot return.

This story is literally the storyline of a movie, I’m sure there’s a producer somewhere who is kicking himself because he just had this great idea and all of a sudden he can’t do it anymore because it actually happened. It’s really interesting with the fact that Matt vlogs everything he does and so a lot of the stuff that we see in the documentary is first hand accounts from him and Khani going through everything that they did.

You may even think ‘oh wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to spend the pandemic somewhere hot and quiet and peaceful’ but seeing it in reality is anything but that. From them running out of clothes and money to having to constantly move on because they can only stay in the hotels and air BNBs they were in for a short while, and even Khani running out of birth control and worrying that the stuff she’s got in a different country won’t do the same job that she is used to, and the fact that her and Matt both said they don’t want children and suddenly this being a lot more of a serious situation then it first started out to be.

As you watch the documentary unfold you get to see this couple change and grow from two people who just wanted a bit of fun and nothing too serious to suddenly people who have to live together and work together and go through this terrifying time. I especially enjoyed how because Khani and Matt are in the documentary too you get to understand their inner thoughts in these moments and what they’re going through and how insane this whole situation was.

I won’t lie I expected them at the end to say ‘oh yeah and we broke up because it was just too intense’, but the ending is just as heartwarming as the story and it really goes to show that usually when you’re not looking for something that’s when you find it, and what you think you want and deserve can be something completely different to what you actually get.

This documentary is a wonderful heart warming film that makes you believe in love and soulmates and being able to find the right person, even in the most unorthodox ways. As I said I’m not a fan of romantic films and while this one came across as very much a romantic film that I can imagine would be set around Christmas and would be utterly awful and far too sweet, seeing it play out in the real world was absolutely perfect and I utterly adored it.

What do you think of Longest Third date?

Until next time.

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