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Obsession Review

I absolutely love a good drama, a drama that is set in England and has all the normal tropes that we’ve seen before but done in a new and exciting way. So when I saw this drama on Netflix I thought it would be perfect and really exciting, and only being four episodes long I thought that’s great because it’ll be really easy to get into, and boy was I disappointed.

Obsession follows a character called Will who is the perfect man. He is a surgeon that has saved countless lives and he’s a loving husband and great father to his children. However this all changes one day when Will meet his son Jay’s new girlfriend, Anna, and they spark up a whirlwind romance that is incredibly awkward and hard to watch.

The only way I could describe this show is it felt like a middle-aged woman had written fan fiction about people where all they do is have sex and keep secrets. It was so strange to watch because, basically at every two minutes these two people with little chemistry were going at it and Will barely lasted five minutes during the act, which just made it really sad and hard to watch. It was made even worse by the fact that you knew that he was sleeping with his son’s girlfriend and she had no issue with that, I can’t imagine finding out my partner slept with one of my parents, it makes me feel utterly disgusted.

But it was so hard to watch these two characters have this romance because there was nothing that worked between them. From the second they see each other they seem to become obsessed which is a complete fairy tale by anyone’s standards and the actual characters seem to have no chemistry either, so yes they may have become obsessed quickly, but there was no actual lust between them and it just seemed like they were using each other for a quick shot of dopamine and that was it. But obviously we were meant to see their relationship as something much deeper.

The most horrific moment was the part where Will hunts down Anna and Jay in Paris where Jay is going to propose and he sneaks into their hotel room and starts sniffing and pleasuring himself on their sheets because they smell like Anna. Even as I write this it feels me with utter cringe that this was even a thing and I won’t lie, when I watched this scene in the show I was crying with laughter at how absurd it was. I almost feel sorry for the main actor who has been in many dramas like this before, because I do respect him because he is a good actor, but to see him in this very compromised position just made me feel so unwell.

In the end we do have a twist and to be honest this was the only part I actually enjoyed. I found it so absurd and over the top, I didn’t think this show could become any crazier until the twist happened and it was just incredible. I absolutely hated this show and I’d never watch it again, but boy did I recommend it to others to hate watch too because it is just so ridiculous.

So as much as I hated the show and would never watch it again if you want to watch something that literally makes your skin crawl and makes you wonder how this ever get off the cutting room floor, and why was this even made and how did anyone in production keep a straight face during that scene, then 100% watch it because it is awful. It’s only four episodes long so really what have you got to lose? I just hope Netflix don’t see all the views and think people love it, let’s do it again because it is utterly atrocious and I can’t imagine anyone watching this for pleasure.

What do you think of Obsession?

Until next time.


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