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Pennywise: The Story of It Review

I I have always had a fascination with Stephen King and his work and so when I found this documentary on Amazon Prime I thought it would be the perfect thing to dive more into a character that I absolutely love on screen, and get to know more about the behind the scenes of what made that character so infamous, and why he is loved and revered by many.

The Story of It looks at Pennywise from the original TV movie played by Tim Curry. In this documentary we get to speak to people who worked on the set of the TV movie, as well as cast members, and of course Tim Curry himself.

This documentary provided some great insight into what it took to create that TV movie and also what it took to create such an infamous clown too. At this point clowns were only starting to become villains with John Wayne Gacy and of course the It book, but they weren’t as terrifying as they are currently, and so to create this once lovable character into a terrifying creature from outer space was really fun to watch especially seeing all of the different ways that Pennywise could have been portrayed on screen.

This documentary is quite long but it did have a lot of insight in it that made it worth the watch, especially if you have a niche interest in horror movies, Pennywise themself or Stephen King in general. This documentary taught me a lot of things that even I didn’t know as an avid It fan and opened my eyes to the amount of work that actually goes into making calls in a movie that could have gone in a completely different direction if those choices weren’t made.

My only sadness with this documentary is that it did not reference the remake of It, and I think it would have been really cool to see the original Pennywise be compared to the new Pennywise and what people thought of it as well. But as a piece around the original TV movie I think it’s absolutely fantastic and definitely something to add to your watch list when you have nothing more enticing to watch.

Which is your favourite Pennywise?

Until next time.

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