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23 Walks Review

Sometimes in life you need to take a break and not watch heavy things or dark things or things that take you away from the reality that we live in today, and I definitely feel this is one of those films that reminds you that every day small occurrences can completely change your life, and sometimes you just have to fall into a situation to find out where it’ll take you.

On one normal dog walk two peoples world’s collide, that being Dave and Fern. At first they don’t like each other, they’re in London and they’re in a place where people aren’t always the most friendly, but as their dogs seem to enjoy the company of each other so do Dave and Fern. Slowly as an older couple do they start to understand themselves and the world around them and how everyone has secrets, and when you open up to someone about those secrets, wonderful things can blossom.

What I loved about this film was that it was so sincere and honest, if you have a dog or if your family has a dog far too often you do meet random people on the streets by your dog introducing themselves to the other animal and so often, if you think about it these sorts of people that we meet via our pets are people we may never have met before because we would have no reason to. It’s always lovely to think of these sudden chance moments that we have in life and how they can become something so huge just because we had the confidence to pursue them.

I especially loved that the couple we watch in this film are of the older generation, it shows that they don’t have the same morals and social compass that maybe the younger generation do, they’re not looking for sex and short term dopamine hits, in this story the couple are simply together for companionship and have to work around their families and other people’s prejudices because of what has happened in their past. It’s lovely to actually see a couple form love in such a slow and methodical way that doesn’t immediately begin with them ripping their clothes off and then finding the romance later on, but building that foundation first to then be able to be that open with one another later on.

This film is absolutely perfect if you want something light and enjoyable and just sweet. It does have its sad moments, because any sort of film like this needs to have those highs and lows, but it’s so bitter sweet and nice that it all comes together in a gorgeous little story that allows you to include yourself in these people’s lives, even for just a short while, and see how from the most chance encounter something beautiful can come out of it.

What do you think of 23 Walks?

Until next time.

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