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Jewish Matchmaking Review

I really enjoyed Indian Matchmaking when it came to Netflix and now it’s a few seasons in it’s getting a bit repetitive, so to be able to dive into a different culture under the same premise was really fun, and I’d happily like this trend to continue because it gives me so much insight into a world that I had little understanding of before.

Jewish Matchmaking follows a matchmaker who is trying to find the love of people’s lives using their service. We go from people who are incredibly conservative and Orthodox to people who are more ‘flexidox’ with their religion and everything in between. We see couples hit it off from the first date to couples who clearly have nothing in common because what one told the matchmaker wasn’t entirely the truth, and even people who seem to want a unicorn which we all know is not real, but the matchmaker still chooses to do her best to accommodate.

What I found really interesting between Indian Matchmaking and Jewish matchmaking is the matchmaker in India was much more harsh in her critiques of who the people were trying to find, she would tell them that they needed to lower their expectations and try to aim for three out of ten instead of a seven, and it was quite funny to watch these people who had this perfect person in mind end up on dates with someone that usually wouldn’t be their type at all but turned out to be exactly who they needed. Whereas with Jewish Matchmaking the matchmaker tries to find exactly what they want, if they want blonde hair and blue eyes she’ll go out after that even though it’s basically an anomaly in the community, if they want someone who is super religious but also a bit flippant then she’ll also try and find that, she was so much more accommodating to what the person wanted and sometimes I don’t think that’s always the best way to go because it’s not really what the person needs.

This show is a very easy watch that you can binge in one day, I did it over two simply because I needed to sleep, but it’s so easy to dive into this world and learn more about the Jewish culture and how they go about their religion. What I always find interesting and maybe it’s an American thing is with these sorts of shows everyone seems to have their own business and no one has a normal office job anymore, which is absolutely wild but it seems to be the norm these days.

I highly recommend this show if you want something easy to watch that doesn’t need too much attention but is quite fun to see how these people get on with the matches, and if I had to pit Jewish Matchmaking against Indian Matchmaking I would say that Jewish Matchmaking is more light and airy simply because the matchmaker tries to accommodate better, but if you want a bit more drama then Indian Matchmaking is definitely the way to go.

What do you think of Jewish Matchmaking?

Until next time.

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