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The Kidnap of Angel Lynn Review

I think everyone when they’re young adults think they’re invincible, they think they know best and they don’t realise what can happen in their lives. I know when I was a young adult I was dating someone who was absolutely horrific and only now with my more mature brain can I see all the red flags that I should have seen from the beginning, I’m just incredibly lucky that my fate didn’t turn out the same as Angel Lynn.

Angel Lynn was like any other young adult, she worked a job that she could have fun at and had many friends that absolutely adored her and her crazy antics. This began to change however when she met her boyfriend Chay, at the start their relationship seemed great, it always does at the beginning of any sort of story like this, but soon it turned out that Chay was a monster of a man and unfortunately Angel Lynn suffered the consequences of this man’s twisted psyche.

Interestingly enough during their relationship Chay actually went to jail for a short while and while this could have given Angel an out in getting out of this relationship she decided to stay with him and get back with him once he had been released. It seemed once this happened, because of his jealousy and aggression especially with the fact that he wasn’t there to be able to see what she was up to, he became incredibly abusive and a very scary person.

Finally Angel Lynn decided to pluck up the courage to leave him which is the hardest thing to do in this sort of situation, because these sorts of people make you feel like no one will want you, no one loves you like they do and so you stay with them because you’re terrified of what the consequences might be. Unfortunately for Angel Lynn the consequences were horrific. In broad daylight Chay kidnaps her and while on a very fast road Angel falls from the van that she is in and suffers catastrophic head injuries. There is a theory that Angel did not jump but was pushed by Chay and this is a theory that I wholeheartedly agree with because he definitely seems to be that sort of person that would happily do something so callus, just because a girl didn’t want to be with him anymore.

Thankfully Angel Lynn survived her injuries but is now having to relearn everything because of the detriment it has had on her brain. This is what we see in the documentary and it is absolutely heartbreaking to know this young girl who had so much life and excitement in her is now a shadow of herself because one monster wanted to have control. It makes me feel absolutely sick to my stomach that anyone can cause such horrific injuries to someone they claim to love and I hope he rots in prison for what he did and it’s just a miracle that Angel survived.

At the end of the documentary we find out that Angel has started to walk again which is absolutely amazing and I do hope that Angel is able to come back to some normality in her life and doesn’t let this horrific attack affect her too much. That’s easy to say as an outsider but I know from first-hand experience how terrifying it can be just to know that, that person is still out there and could have a hold on you, and I hope she gets all the goodness in the world because that is all that she deserves.

What do you think of the documentary?

Until next time.

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