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Selling Sunset Season 6 Review

As this season progressed I felt more and more conflict was being created but not resolved, so to then immediately see the trailer for season 7 be pushed at the end basically told me that this was an elongated trailer for the next season.

Season 6 no longer has Christine which is probably one of the best things this show ever had happen to it. While Christine was a brilliant villain character the whole show for five seasons has been her and Chrishell’s problems with each other and it was getting very stale and boring. When Bre was introduced as the new person on the block she did remind me of Christine quite a lot, but I’m so glad that her conflict wasn’t with Chrishell.

Bre has a baby with Nick Cannon and is very open about their relationship and how they are not monogamous, this causes a lot of conflict with a particular woman in the group, that being Chelsea, and it was nice to see Chelsea being her own character and not just Christine’s sidekick much like she was in season 5. But of course Chrishell cannot not have conflict and has some with a woman called Nicole. According to Nicole there are past issues with her and Chrishell and Jason, a guy (and boss) that they both dated, and throughout the series we get to see them go head to head against one another in many arguments even alluding to the idea that Nicole might be a drug addict.

I really enjoyed these conflicts because there was more than one happening and not everyone had the same issue as everyone else did when Christine was on the show, everyone seemed to hate her bar one or two people, and so to be able to see conflict happen that is very isolated is quite fun and keeps you watching because it doesn’t get mundane and repetitive. I also found this season really interesting that the episodes were mainly half an hour long and so they went by really quickly, and despite it being episode heavy being 11 episodes in total, the runtime was actually really short and really easy to watch.

And this is another reason why I feel it was just a glimpse into the real stories that are going to happen in season 7, because there were lots of conflict being created here between a lot of characters yet nothing was resolved, and usually with shows like these you want to have that story arc that begins at the start and ends at the end and so when the next season comes along you can begin again. So I’m very interested to see what they do in season 7 because it does seem like a very fun and explosive season, but I do feel that they could have given a bit more of that excitement and depth to season 6 because it did fall a bit flat.

What do you think of season 6?

Until next time.

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