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Category: 2020

23 Walks Review

Sometimes in life you need to take a break and not watch heavy things or dark things or things that take you away from the reality that we live in […]

A Quiet Place Part 2 Review

I absolutely adored A Quiet Place when it first came out, I thought what it brought to the horror genre was something new and different and that kept it very […]

Brahms: The Boy 2 Review

I had the same issue with this film that I had with Sinister 2. Sinister 1 created an absolutely fantastic story of this demon that haunted children and made them […]

The Grudge 2020 Review

While this movie just took a lot of the tropes from the original Japanese and American versions it did have some moments that got me, and while some of the […]

9to5: The Story of a Movement Review

I had never heard of this movement before so watching this documentary was really eye-opening and it’s still such a shame that women have so much further to go to […]

Like a Boss Review

In this day and age we are always taught to create a side hustle and to always have a second stream of income coming in just in case your first […]