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Category: drama

The Whole Truth Review

I absolutely adore crime dramas and if it’s set in the courtroom that’s even better because you always have the two sides battling out against one another, and only you […]

Obsession Review

I absolutely love a good drama, a drama that is set in England and has all the normal tropes that we’ve seen before but done in a new and exciting […]

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Review

I remember when this film first came out in cinemas everyone was raving about it because it talked about the Charles Manson murders and Sharon Tate, and so I feel […]

The Purge Season Two Review

I recently watched and praised the first season of The Purge for how in depth it was and how it kept you interested throughout the whole show, so knowing it […]

The Purge Season One Review

I’ve always been an advocate for The Purge: Anarchy, I believe it is the best of the films and while I have not seen The Forever Purge yet, it doesn’t […]

A Quiet Place Part 2 Review

I absolutely adored A Quiet Place when it first came out, I thought what it brought to the horror genre was something new and different and that kept it very […]

Spencer Review

I understand films that just drop you into a moment in time, you’ll see what happens for that short moment and then that’s the end, but that doesn’t mean that […]

Nine Perfect Strangers Review

Spoilers ahead. After watching White Lotus and being really disappointed in the show in that it felt like there was no rhyme or reason to it, it was quite enjoyable […]

Criminal Minds Season Two Review

As shows continue they of course have to keep things new and interesting for the audience to want to keep coming back to watch more, however I do hope that […]