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Category: favourite movie

Favourite Quote

Referencing back to my favourite film that I recently review: The Girl Next Door, this quote comes from that. It is a quote that I have carried with me since […]

Favourite Drama Movie

Oh, this movie. This movie makes me cry like no other, it is so beautiful and cute and very heartwarming, and it is a movie you must watch. Forrest Gump […]

Favourite Horror Movie

This is a movie I have spoken about many times before but one that I am still in love with. From my first viewing to my last it keeps me […]

Favourite Action/Adventure Movie

I’m not a huge action/adventure movie girl, so when I say I love this movie, I love this movie. I did a full review here but for now, my favourite […]

Favourite Movie

Day 1 of the 30 day challenge! My favourite movie, and this movie may be a surprise as it isn’t your typical movie… The Girl Next Door. The Girl Next […]