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Category: Film

Favourite Childhood Movie

I mean it’s not really a movie….more a series of movies. But if this series isn’t at least in your top 5 favourite movies from your childhood you haven’t lived! […]

Favourite Director

When looking at movies there is always one director that stands out for me. He has a lot of creativity and a great mind to pull off some ingenious movies […]

Movie I Know Word for Word

I mean, what teenage/young adult woman can’t recite this movie word for word. Not only is it a great movie, it has some amazing quotes including: “She doesn’t even go […]

Movie That Makes Me Sad

This movie was a shocker that I never thought could be so beautiful and so sad. Disney really outdid themselves with this movie and I don’t think another has been […]

Movie That Makes Me Happy

This movie is a staple of any young girls movie collection. It is a movie you could watch again and again and still feel the same uplifting motivational feelings you […]

Last Movie I Watched

Well, after yesterday’s review this could be a bit awkward, the last movie I watched was a movie called Sex Tape. No no no no no. It isn’t an actual […]

January Posts

Hello! Welcome to the New Year! How’s it going? Hope that hangover isn’t killing you too much! I always found orange Lucozade and Dominoes worked a treat for me at […]

Worst Movies of 2016

Oh here it is! The one post to cause a lifetime of debate. Well, that’s if you don’t agree with me! These are my top 5 worst movies of 2016, […]

Best Movies of 2016

Now, I love these sorts of posts, I love arguing about these sorts of posts and how they’re ‘oh so wrong’ and how ‘that movie they said was great was […]