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Category: Film

Unfriended Review

Unfriended is a different type of horror. It really brings horror into the 21st century.But, much like The Ring, it could easily become dated. So, ┬ábefore I get into the […]

The Purge: Anarchy Review

I’ve reviewed The Purge: Election Year. I avoided the original Purge (and for good reason) and now it’s time for The Purge: Anarchy. I’ll be honest, The Purge: Anarchy is […]

The Conjuring Review

I recently reviewed The Conjuring 2 and really enjoyed it. As it was Halloween I had to review the original, the one that spawned the sequel and spin off movie […]

The Cabin in the Woods Review

The Cabin in the Woods was a movie that I wasn’t interested in for a long time. I saw it as another cliche horror movie with no substance. But, in […]

Sinister Review

Sinister is a fairly recent horror movie but is on par with all the classics we know and love. Sinister, although relatable to other horrors, feels like it brings something […]

Would You Rather Review

Would you rather was one of those fun games you played as a kid, but don’t those sorts of things make the best horrors? Like the weeping angels in Doctor […]

The Woman in Black Review

If you like suspense movies, this is one for you! The Woman in Black terrifies me, but then again, it isn’t the jump scare that scares me but the build […]

Insidious Review

Insidious was the first horror movie I saw in a cinema and I must admit I spent more time staring down at my popcorn with my hands over my ears […]

Paranormal Activity Review

Paranormal Activity re-started the found footage horror genre all over again. Paranormal Activity stole audiences from Saw, putting them out of the box office, and became a household name of […]