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Category: Film

Pitch Perfect 2 Review

She is a great singer but honestly Hailee Steinfeld is the biggest problem with this film. I absolutely hate her character.

Do Revenge Review

I find so often in this day and age young adult films never really know what they’re trying to be, they are either too on the nose with their gen […]

The Pay Day Review

Watching a screener that has been sent to you for review is always so much easier when the main actor is so attractive.

I Came By Review

Hugh Bonneville has been type casted so much these days that watching this film all I could think was ‘no daddy Paddington, what are you doing?’

Blonde Review

When you imagine Marilyn Monroe you think of glitz and glamour and sophistication, but this movie really showed that there was a very dark side to her fame, and watching […]

The Good Nurse Review

I have very much been enjoying the dramatisation of true crime that has been coming out of Netflix recently, from Dahmer to this, and it gave me such a good […]