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Category: Film

The Muppets Christmas Carol Review

The Muppets Christmas Carol is one of those movies where you just think…what?! It encapsulates the old good Christmas Carol story including characters that more recent generations will know and […]

The Polar Express

Not going to lie. The Conductor of the train used to give me nightmares. The Polar Express is a fairly new Christmas movie having come out in 2004. I remember […]

Home Alone Review

Home Alone is a staple Christmas movie. It is everything Christmas is. Family time. Holidays. Great food. And leaving your kid at home so they can be terrorised by robbers! […]

Elf Review

This is probably my most favourite Christmas film of all time and so it is the perfect way to start family Blogmas! If you haven’t seen Elf stop reading this […]

Die Hard Review

So before we drop into the family Christmas movies (the excitement builds!) I want to talk about one that causes a lot of debates. is it a Christmas film? Is […]

Krampus Review

Krampus is a fairly new horror film. It is based off the old legend that basically says Krampus is the opposite of Santa. As Santa gives good children sweets and […]

Gremlins Review

Gremlins is a classic! Gremlins was the first horror Christmas film I ever watched and I still love it to this day. It’s a Christmas film everyone should watch as […]

Black Christmas Review

Now today I’m going to be talking about the remake. The original was released in 1974 but this one was released in 2006, much more in my generation. I decided […]