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Tag: action

Baby Driver Trailer Review

Ok, my first thought was, how does Ansel Elgort get this sort of role? This does not seem like his character type. And honestly, this movie didn’t excite me, until […]

Most Overrated Movie

I’m probably going to get a lot of negative comments for this one but oh well, it’s my website, it’s my opinions. The most overrated movie… Uh oh. But yes. […]

Best Movie in the Last Year

Let us cast our minds back to 2016, what a year that was eh? I did a “Top Movies of 2016” post on my website the end of last year […]

Favourite Action/Adventure Movie

I’m not a huge action/adventure movie girl, so when I say I love this movie, I love this movie. I did a full review here but for now, my favourite […]

Orphan Black Review

Orphan Black is a show that I started to watch recently and quickly got through all 4 seasons. As I know it, there will be one more season and in […]

Purge: Election Year Review

Purge: Election Year is the third movie in the Purge series. The first movie was incredibly anticlimactic, the second was a thrill ride that I could not get enough of, […]

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence is an action adventure comedy that stars Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart as two high school ‘friends’ who reunite after twenty years apart. Kevin Hart’s character […]

Prison Break

Spoilers ahead. Recently, it has come to a lot of peoples’ attentions that Prison Break is returning. Prison Break originally ran for four seasons between 2005 and 2009 ending because […]