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Sort Your Life Out Review

Since the pandemic and working from home has become more of a norm for a lot of people our workspaces have changed and our home spaces have changed too, we […]

Go Hard or Go Home Review

As I am someone who always likes to strive to be better in my life in whatever area, I love watching people that motivate me too. And so finding Go […]

The Mormons Are Coming Review

I cannot explain why I find religion so fascinating, I have always been an atheist / agnostic type of person and so to watch people who do have a faith […]

The Shamima Begum Story Review

Shamima Begum is a polarising individual that causes a lot of controversy in the UK people, from some believing that she was trafficked as a child and and deserves to […]

Bad Education: The Reunion Review

Bad Education was a show that I grew up with, and you always worry when you hear that something so nostalgic to you is being revisited that it’s never going […]

FBoy Island Review

Who doesn’t love an easy to watch reality show? When I saw this on the BBC, which was very odd because it’s definitely not a BBC reality show, it piqued […]

The Traitors Review

If you love psychology, if you love secrets and lies and manipulation in reality TV then this is a show for you. This show is addictive and is one that […]