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Tag: comedy

Freaky Review

Slasher horrors are my favourite of the genre because they are so iconic in what they do and also rooted in some logical truth with the fact that it could […]

23 Walks Review

Sometimes in life you need to take a break and not watch heavy things or dark things or things that take you away from the reality that we live in […]

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Review

I remember when this film first came out in cinemas everyone was raving about it because it talked about the Charles Manson murders and Sharon Tate, and so I feel […]

Murder Mystery 2 Review

I I always enjoy a murder mystery film and so when I saw this sequel had come to Netflix I had to add it to my watch list, but thinking […]

Suits Season Three Review

I definitely felt this season was the one where things got a bit too repetitive and a bit too soft. There were many interesting elements that really could have added […]

Bones Season 3 Review

This season in some ways was much easier to watch than season two and I’m glad we finally came to a head with one of the ongoing storylines that has […]

Bad Education: The Reunion Review

Bad Education was a show that I grew up with, and you always worry when you hear that something so nostalgic to you is being revisited that it’s never going […]