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Tag: documentary

Super Size Me Review

It has been almost 20 years since this film first graced our screens yet I think what it talks about is still so prominent in today’s culture, and possibly even […]

Pennywise: The Story of It Review

I I have always had a fascination with Stephen King and his work and so when I found this documentary on Amazon Prime I thought it would be the perfect […]

How To Get Rich Review

In this day and age we are constantly being told that we need to save money to be able to live, yet no one ever seems to have a reasonable […]

Longest Third Date Review

I am not a big fan of romance movies because they always seem so over the top and ridiculous, so to see one become reality during the most terrifying time […]

Paula Review

It was in fact my father who recommended this documentary to me because he grew up in the time when Paula Yates was big on TV, and with everything going […]

A Very British Cult Review

Multi-level marketing schemes and online scams have been a special interest of mine for a while now, so to see this documentary on the BBC that focuses on a scam […]

Waco: American Apocalypse Review

I always find it fascinating that these sorts of cults and indoctrinations only ever seem to happen during the last century, and in this day and age we don’t really […]

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story Review

The internet is a wonderful and terrifying place where so much of it is unregulated and even the things that you think should be regulated aren’t as heavily as you’d […]