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Tag: horror

Piranha 3D Review

This film encapsulates early 2000s culture, from its music to its interests and even the CGI, it screamed the noughties…but that doesn’t mean it was good.

The Menu Review

Most often I would have just watched the film or TV show I am reviewing once before actively reviewing it, however for this particular film I watched it twice, once […]

Till Death Review

Megan Fox was the reason I wanted to watch this film because I love her, but actually watching it, I really enjoyed it.

The Platform Review

I was recommended this film and while I did enjoy it and it is a film that is right up my street, I did feel that it was a bit […]

Escape Room Review

Does anyone else find realistic horror that incorporates things that we do in our everyday lives so much scarier then really out there horror that wouldn’t affect us in the […]

Hotel Transylvania Review

Someone I knew in my personal life watched this film recently and I didn’t know what to watch during dinner so I thought I’d put this on, there’s not going […]

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Review

The Vampire Diaries season one was all about introducing you to these characters, and it’s easy to see that season two takes those characters’ storylines to a whole new level.