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Jewish Matchmaking Review

I really enjoyed Indian Matchmaking when it came to Netflix and now it’s a few seasons in it’s getting a bit repetitive, so to be able to dive into a […]

Obsession Review

I absolutely love a good drama, a drama that is set in England and has all the normal tropes that we’ve seen before but done in a new and exciting […]

Waco: American Apocalypse Review

I always find it fascinating that these sorts of cults and indoctrinations only ever seem to happen during the last century, and in this day and age we don’t really […]

Murder Mystery 2 Review

I I always enjoy a murder mystery film and so when I saw this sequel had come to Netflix I had to add it to my watch list, but thinking […]

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story Review

The internet is a wonderful and terrifying place where so much of it is unregulated and even the things that you think should be regulated aren’t as heavily as you’d […]

You Season Four Review

Spoilers ahead. I can only assume that due to the time frame of the season they had to stick with the original plan of the twist despite most people online […]

Pamela: A Love Story Review

I very much enjoyed Pam and Tommy on Disney Plus but of course that was a recreation of everything that happened to them during their whirlwind romance, so to actually […]