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Tag: reality tv

Jewish Matchmaking Review

I really enjoyed Indian Matchmaking when it came to Netflix and now it’s a few seasons in it’s getting a bit repetitive, so to be able to dive into a […]

Longest Third Date Review

I am not a big fan of romance movies because they always seem so over the top and ridiculous, so to see one become reality during the most terrifying time […]

Rise and Fall Review

Class issues seem to be incredibly prominent at the moment, from the government not even following their own guidelines during the pandemic to workers being underpaid and overworked and just […]

Sort Your Life Out Review

Since the pandemic and working from home has become more of a norm for a lot of people our workspaces have changed and our home spaces have changed too, we […]

Go Hard or Go Home Review

As I am someone who always likes to strive to be better in my life in whatever area, I love watching people that motivate me too. And so finding Go […]

FBoy Island Review

Who doesn’t love an easy to watch reality show? When I saw this on the BBC, which was very odd because it’s definitely not a BBC reality show, it piqued […]

The Traitors Review

If you love psychology, if you love secrets and lies and manipulation in reality TV then this is a show for you. This show is addictive and is one that […]